Who are Gaia And Trinity?

Gaia and Trinity have been best friends since the Sox first broke the curse and won their first world world series in 86 years. In other words since 2004.

They share a love of magick, Art , the outdoors, and Stephen King novels. They have a common spirituality. They practice the craft together, create together and travel together.They run Dark Moon Healing Art Sydney and Salem together.  they want nothing more than to create and share their magick. 

Find out more about our lovely Salem witches here: BIOs

Hoodoo Conjure and Rootwork training course
In this course you will learn traditions, concepts, how to’s and whys. . This is a hands on course where you will make your own oils, mojo hands, and spells. At the completion you will be able to create your own hoodoo spells and rituals. You will be able to weave hoodoo practices within your own spiritual practice.
more info on the course

Samhain in Salem & Haunted New England
Crafting Your Magick In Nature

Art, psychic awareness, witchcraft, meditation,  there are lots of workshops to be had on both sides of the earth
Listing of Workshops in Sydney
Listing of Workshops Salem

READINGS &Custom Spell Work

to schedule In Person:
Bone Readings with Gaia:

by appointment  Saturdays at : Capricorn 6th & 10th

By appointment in Balgowlah or Campbelltown: email Gaia@darkmoonhealingart.com

Bone Readings with Gaia

Come see the various wares we have for sale,  in Sydney and in Salem
Salem Shoppe
Sydney Shoppe

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Dark Moon Healing Art is
in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.  mendawnTogether we bring Magick
and Healing to the World

Dark Moon Healing Art
Sydney Location:
Underground ARTspace
294 Sydney Rd
Balgowlah, NSW 2100
By appointment only

Dark Moon Healing Art
Salem USA Location:
96 Boston Street
Salem, MA 01970

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