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A Salem Witch in Sydney

Gaia  of the darkmoon is originally from Salem Massachusetts, USA where magick is a birthright.  She  now offers her unique brand of developed witchcraft to share on the Northern beaches of Sydney.

An eclectic witch,  artist,  and healer who lives  life by the old ways, in tune with the energies and  with a deep reverence for nature.

At Dark Moon Healing Art you will find  an Emporium , Botanica, and Spiritual Centre.  With  handmade supplies,  incense,  scrubs, meditation  and ritual supplies.  as well as spells  custom made and otherwise.   We offer workshops, meditation circles, rituals and more. All our items are infused with intent  during a ritual at the correct phase of the moon.

The  workshops and classes are  a place to find community with like minded individuals.  we offer  monthly moon circles, meditation circles and intuitive art classes.  A place of healing, a place to learn art and open your intuitive side.

To create is to make art. Through this process of creating, art has the power to both heal and reveal oneself. Art is a profound agent of transformation and provides guidance for the soul’s instinctive drive to heal itself.

Engaging the creative process is also a way to stimulate your psychic ability.  To nurture your intuitiveness and to enhance your mind to see beyond what is evident. We aim to create a safe and sacred space to allow to continuation of self and spiritual discovery.

Any of the activities are good for beginners, advanced, or even the mildly curious.

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Healing and transformation through art