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At Dark Moon Healing Art you will find an Emporium , Botanica, and Spiritual Centre. All products are handmade either here in Sydney, or by Trinity in Salem MA, USA. All items are made from top quality natural ingredients. from our own gardens, personally wild-crafted, or by high quality resources.
We offer hand made magickal items such as *Incense * Scrubs * Mists* Smudge Sticks* Meditation Supplies * Candles * Spells ( custom made or otherwise)

All our items are infused with intent during a ritual at the correct phase of the moon. Each item is has been spell-crafted to give the user a specific result.

Order online at the Etsy Shop,   by appointment at my studio,  or  at one of my  upcoming  market stalls

Sunday 4/2  Psychic Sunday in Fairfield
Saturday 17/3 Celtic Whispers in Wilberforce
Sunday 15/4 Natural Connections therapy fair Bossley Park


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