LEarn WItchcraft

Witchcraft 101 Basics Course.
Do you feel drawn to witchcraft but don’t know where to start? Have you been practicing as a solo eclectic but need a bit of guidance?

This witchcraft 101 class will teach you the basics to get you started on your path. Once finished you can choose to be a solo eclectic or feel confident to join into group rituals.

Each class will include a meditation and a crafting portion, you will put your energy into a handmade item in each class.

5 classes Once a month, the second Sunday of the month. all materials included. and a light snack

Class 1 What is a witch, science of witchcraft, different paths and dogmas, protection magic, and circle casting.

Class 2 All about Energy, anatomy, the elementals , Wheel of the year, what are rituals, group and alone, how to put together a ritual that is right for you.

Class 3 The God Goddess and our personal Deity, altar set up and tools, spell crafting basics,

Class 4 Healing and Plant Magick, we will learn and use colour correspondence, candles, plants roots and herbs, for making healing magick and learn to make your own incense

Class 5 Become a Magical Being, Learn about divination, practice different types of scrying, cards and systems, advanced spell craft with potions, powders and candles.

ongoing support available.

$45 each class. concession available, send me a pm

Healing and transformation through art