About Us

Gaia of the Dark Moon, is an artist, intuitive  and eclectic  professional witch who lives, works and studies by the old ways, with a deep reverence for nature.
Gaia was born and raised all over the New England area of the USA. Her magical training coming from  Salem Massachusetts.  Her magic comes from connecting with the earth’s energy.  Gaia connects with this energy mostly  through its animals and plants.  Using  all parts of the animals and plants, living and dead.  The bones and leavings of the animals, as well as the roots, and husks of the plants.

As an eclectic, Gaia weaves elements of different practises within her craft.  Elements of scientific pantheism, animism, plant magick, traditional witchcraft and hoodoo.    She weaves hoodoo within her practice, as a root worker, a conjurer,  and a reader of the bones.

Gaia is an artist, an art therapist, and a meditation teacher.  With these qualifications she creates unique art workshops designed to open your intuitiveness through the act of creating.

She believes  through the process of creating, art has the power to both heal and reveal oneself. Art is a profound agent of transformation and provides guidance for the soul’s instinctive drive to heal itself.

She further intends to use meditation  and art as a tool to help those who are fraught with anxiety depression or going through difficult times.

She aims to be a healer, intuitive and agent of transformation with her products, classes and rituals.

Gaia currently lives in the Northern Beaches of Sydney where she is an active member of the pagan community as a member of the Pagan Awareness Networks.  Gaia  runs Dark Moon Healing Art Sydney.  She creates spell crafted hand made products for sale and runs  workshops from her art studio in Balgowlah as well as from the Meditation Space in Campbelltown

Trinity is an artist, intuitive and eclectic professional witch who works in balance with the cycles of nature and the animals.  A certified
Meditation Teacher she has been
writing and leading meditations to
help people clear and raise their
vibration and to more fully connect
to their guides. She is also certified
in the facilitation of SoulCollage
and believes that Art functions as a
channel for the divine and opening
these creative pathways allow for
self-revelation and a clearer focus
of our life’s purpose.

Trinity was born and raised in Salem Massachusetts where she is an
active member of the pagan community. Her practice includes a heavy dose of Hoodoo, Rootwork and Conjure. Divination and Spiritual Counselling also comprise a large portion of her day to day work. Trinity has spent many years exploring different facets of the craft and is now taking that knowledge and sharing it with others to educate and aid them with their own personal growth and development. She subscribes to the belief that all things are connected and now that we are living in awakened times it is paramount to gather our energies together and work to heal the earth.

Trinity runs our brick and mortar location in the United States.
Dark Moon Healing Art – Salem is a healing and educational center.
We offer Tarot, Mediumship, Reiki and Angel Healing as well as good
stock of herbs, stones, incense, candles, books and metaphysical
supplies. Our shop also showcases the work of local artists and we
have sold several paintings on their behalf. We also run a variety of
classes ranging from Astrology to Witchcraft 101 to SoulCollage and
Paint and Pagan based craft nights.