Incense and SMUDGING

Smudging and incense

hand made loose incense made with intent using homegrown and top quality  ingredients, made to be burned on charcoal disks

$20.00 for 120 grams

Kyphi Incense
the most sacred of the ancient Egyptian incenses. It has been used since at least the Old Kingdom. Kyphi was used to both honour the gods, and to heal ailments. The High priests concocted Kyphi during secret, chant-filled temple ceremonies.  The incense was said to consist of “things that delight in the night”  Greek historian Plutarch, (AD 45-120) wrote that smelling Kyphi was like “listening to beautiful music” he also described it as having the power to rock a person to sleep, brighten dreams and chase away the troubles of the day”.Kyphi takes two weeks to make and consists of careful meditation on each ingredient giving you a powerful substance to burn in honour of god of your choosing.  If you have an Egyptian deity in particular they will love this incense.

Cleansing Mediation Incense

The mysterious spiritual  aroma of Black Copal, the cleansing power of sage, and sweet  protection scent of juniper berries, come together to create a sacred cleansed space for you to connect with your higher self in mediation.

Peace &  Protection Incense

It calms the mind, enhances mental clarity, and aids in spiritual practice

Venus, a great Love and Sex Incense

A great aphrodisiac incense.  If you are calling on the Deity of Venus or Eros or  any love work you may be doing this is the incense for you. Or if you have a hot date and want to create an atmosphere of love of and lust

Moon Goddess Magic Incense 

To smell like a walk through the  bush . A magical blend with mugwort,  the favoured incense of the Moon Goddess .  Great to use for divination. 

Abundance Incense

A blend of resins and fresh cinimmon to bring in abundance for whatever you wish to manifest

Eternal Incense

Greek Mastic, Peruvian Copal and Australian Jasmine flower. An ancient Egyptian incense for mental clarity and to remove blockages.  

Fiery Purification Incense.
The warm sweet scent of benzoin mixed with spicy fiery dragonsblood creates a hot purification incense.

Cleanse your tools, yourself, or banish negative energies from your home

Road Opener is an old tradition, when you are stuck at the crossroads, feeling lost, of have a block stopping you burn some road opener. with Abre Camino and Van Van oil