Scented and Dressed Candles

Dressed candles are candles that have a purpose. The have been anointed with specific oils  and  involved in a ritual to  manifest this purpose .  These candles were handcrafted specifically for Dark Moon Healing Art by LoobyLou using top quality all natural ingredients.   I personally dressed these candles in a ritual at the new moon.  You can use them in a ritual,  or just burn them to fill your home with a lovely scent while they do their own  magik.

Soul Mate Candle

Scented with roses and jasmine.
Dressed to bring you the soulmate your searching for.

Money Drawing Candle

Woody and fiery with Cinnamon and Ceder.  Put by the door of  your business to draw in money.

Good Health and Healing Candle

The healing powers of peppermint with  subtle floral  scents.


Coven Candle

For community and spiritual guidance.  Coven Candle is an earth fragrance , signature scent made exclusively for Dark Moon Healing Art.



Elements Candles

The ancients believed that the World was composed of 4 basic elements – Fire,Water, Air and Earth. These were considered the critical energy forces that sustained all life and consciousness both within, and outside us all.

We each have more affinity with some elements over others, but they all, and we all co-exist. It is believed that maintaining a connection with each of these elements works to ensure physical, spiritual and emotional balance.
















Healing and transformation through art