Smudging and Incense

hand made loose incense made with intent using homegrown and top quality  ingredients, made to be burned on charcoal disks

kyphi Incense

Kyphi Incense the most sacred of the ancient Egyptian incenses. It has been used since at least the Old Kingdom. Kyphi was used to both honour the gods, and to heal ailments. The High priests concocted Kyphi during secret, chant-filled temple ceremonies.  The incense was said to consist of “things that delight in the night”  Greek historian Plutarch, (AD 45-120) wrote that smelling Kyphi was like “listening to beautiful music” he also described it as having the power to rock a person to sleep, brighten dreams and chase away the troubles of the day”.Kyphi takes two weeks to make and consists of careful meditation on each ingredient giving you a powerful substance to burn in honour of god of your choosing.  If you have an Egyptian deity in particular they will love this incense.-mediation and ritual still in progress,  will update soon with prices and quantity
Cleansing Mediation Incense

The mysterious spiritual  aroma of Black Copal, the cleansing power of sage, and sweet  protection scent of juniper berries, come together to create a sacred cleansed space for you to connect with your higher self in mediation.
$16.00 for a 2 oz tin.

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Peace &  Protection Incense

It calms the mind, enhances mental clarity, and aids in spiritual practice.$12.00 for a 2 oz tin.

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Fire incense
spicy, with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla
Protection, strength and prosperity.
A good incense to raise energy for just about anything.  For new beginnings, to create prosperity in your life, and for really passionate sex $12.00  for a 2 oz tin.

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Venus, a great Love and Sex Incense

A great aphrodisiac incense.  If you are calling on the Deity of Venus or Eros or  any love work you may be doing this is the incense for you. Or if you have a hot date and want to create an atmosphere of love of and lust $12.00 for a 2 oz tin.

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Sandalwood Flowers incense

A sweet floral incense mixed with the spirituality of sandalwood $12.00 for a 2 oz tin.

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Moon Goddess Magic Incense 

To smell like a walk through the  bush . A magical blend with mugwort,  the favoured incense of the Moon Goddess .  Great to use for divination.  $12.00 for a 2 oz tin.

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Eternal Incense

Greek Mastic, Peruvian Copal and Australian Jasmine flower. An ancient Egyptian incense for mental clarity and to remove blockages.  $16.00 for a 2 oz tin

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 Frankincense and Myrhh

A traditional meditation incense to clear your mind and  balance all of your chakras while opening your third eye.  $16.00  for a 2 oz tin

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Charcoal disks for burning incense

Premium 100% bamboo charcoal

Guaranteed free from toxic ingredients. It does not burn as hot as the type with toxic additives so your incense product will release its aroma without scorching the natural oils.
If a charcoal is easy to light then it will contain a lighting agent (salt petre or sulphur).

$3.95 roll of 10 disks



Charco-Lite 35mm Polo Quick Lite Charcoal 

 Charco-Lite Polo Ring Charcoal is hollow in the center for consistent even heat for use with loose incense or when using  a shisha hookah pipe.

$2.95 roll of 10 disks




Smudging is an ancient ceremony in which you burn sacred plants, such as sage, to allow the smoke to clear and bless a space. It has been used by indigenous peoples all over the world.

Traditional Sage smudge sticks
for purification of space and self. $8.00


Lavender smudge sticks

for purification,  peace, and to invite the spirits into your space. $8.00


Rosemary and sage

for purification and healing $8.00


Sweet grass Smudge sticks

Used by the native Americans for cleansing

Coming Soon


Australian Native smudge sticks

coming soon

 Smudging Kits:

2 Lavender and sage smudge stick
abalone shell