Spell Kits and Mojo bags

Spell Kit and Oils

Each Spell kit  and Conditioning Oil was  hand made by  me with a ritual and spell.

Using eclectic witchcraft and Hoodoo spells from my American background.  Additionally,    I can make individualized spell kits or mojo bags as requested. Send me an email to find out more.

To Find Your Soul Mate Bottle Spell
Not for online sales
To Open your Creativity Spell Kit

creativity candle,
and full instructions to open yourself up to the creativity  you seek in your life


Hoodoo Honey Jar Spell
to sweeten someone or a situation for you


 Increase your psychic awareness  bottle Spell

not for online sales

Money Drawing Spell Kit
Money drawing candle,
and  complete instructions to bring financial prosperity into your life


Health and Harmony spell kit
Herb mixture

full instructions to bring health and harmony into your life


Mojo bags  $15.00
a mojo bag is a hoodoo spell that you wear on your person .  You do not tell anyone,  and you will know when it is finished doing its job

Email me directly for a personalized mojo bag


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