Bone Energy

Bone Energy,

Intuitive art,  meditation, natural  history and animal skulls

This class will meet every other month for art, meditation, and natural history featuring a variety of real animal skulls.

We start each 90-minute session with an educational presentation on some element of natural history, followed by a meditation to connect with the energy of the bones, and then ample time for participants to draw, paint, sculpt or otherwise create art using the skulls as references.
Tutoring is available, and there will be exercises for you to try to get the most out of your artwork. You can choose to do these exercises or not.
Each class’s selection is unique and focuses on comparative anatomy as an illustration of how different species have adapted to the pressures of surviving and thriving in the world we all share. this is open to artists of all skill levels.

$40 all materials supplied , choice of paint, pencils, pastels, clay