Classes and Workshops

Hoodoo & Witchcraft
A complete hands on training in Witchcraft, Hoodoo and American Folk magick,   10 classes
Second Saturday of each month
First class
May 9th
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Meditation Classes COMING SOON


Cacao Ceremony
January 16th 10 am Campbelltown

Animal Allies
July 18th Blaxland

Witch’s Ladder & Knot Magick
August 8, 2020


This witchcraft class will teach you the basics to get you started on your path, and put your intention into a hand made creation. Once finished you can choose to be a solo eclectic or feel confident to join into group rituals.

Each class will include a meditation and a crafting portion, you will put your energy into a handmade item in each class.

More info on the course