Vodou Workshops

Dark Moon Healing Art is very honoured to be able to offer you the services of Manbo Paula Wedo, international haitian initiated High Priestess. Manbo Paula has over 35 years of spiritual life experience; working in Africa, Australia, Britain, Canada the Caribbean, Europe & the USA. Also making appearances on 60 Minutes & 20/20 as well as Morning Television in NZ & numerous radio & magazine articles

She is sharing with us an amazing day filled with learning, singing, offering respect, honour and gratitude. 

Vodou is honour to and respect for Spirit. Vodou encompasses everything; it changes and evolves just as we do. Gran Met-God- is very big and very far away. The Lwa are Spirits, supernatural beings they are powerful and communicate directly with God. The Lwa are the Spirits that do all the work it is to them that we turn when we need their help. Just like Catholic Saints some Lwa were once humans and anybody can become Lwa. It is through the honour and remembrance of the Ancestors and All of those who have gone before that this occurs.

Vodou has structure and these workshops introduces individuals to this structure

We will learn a songs for Papa Legba, the Keeper of the Cross-Roads and for our Ancestors.

We will learn the Rada salute to greet our Ancestors and greet our Peristyle.

A pe (altar) will be created for everyone’s Ancestors and each person will put something from an Ancestor upon it.

This is a really fun workshop to do., reading this I imagine that it could seem a little daunting, all those strange words and terms. We will spend time learning all the things necessary and it is all simple repetition. It’s a really nice connection to the Ancestors and a small introduction to Vodou with Papa Legba.

In Vodou we sing and sweat our prayers and indeed it is the singing that connects us with our spirits. Singing; now, this can be another thing that puts people off, but it’s fun! Everybody in my experience really enjoys it once they get going. I still get self-conscious, buts it ok and the personal results are awesome. 

I am Manbo Paula Wedo. I kanzo’d asogwe in Jacmel Haiti in 2004. Kanzo is an initiation and trial by fire into an orthodox Vodou House. One dies and is reborn in this initiation. Asogwe is the second highest degree one can obtain in Vodou. It is the equivalent to a Catholic Bishop.

I am a hereditary witch, my maternal Grandmothers family hailed from Lizard in Cornwall and I grew up listening to her tales of the rounds of time and the ebb and flow of the Goddess.

$75 for the day with a $25 non refundable  deposit

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