Dragonfly of transformation Intuitive Art Class .  Meditation and Art Connect.

For this class you will begin a journey of self and spiritual discovery. Through art and meditationThe Dragonfly is a symbol of spiritual transformation, as the Butterfly is a symbol of physical transformation. When a butterfly goes into its cocoon, it completely dissolves, rearranges its DNA and turns into something completely different. The Dragonfly however, is born with everything it needs to become a dragonfly, but it doesn’t realize it. Through hard work, determination, and intuitiveness, the dragonfly becomes its higher self.I will guide you in the artisitc process and demonstrate techniques to help you create this oil painting.
Art is a profound agent of transformation and provides guidance for the soul’s instinctive drive to heal itself. Engaging the creative process is also a way to stimulate your intuitiveness and to enhance your mind to see beyond what is evident.