Full Moon Circles Sydney


When the moon is full its a good time for us to have a look at our inner selves and think about letting go what does not serve.  It is also a good time to harness the power and energy of the moon and bring it into our life to create what we desire.

The event consists of calling the quarters to cast a circle, honouring the Goddess and the God, invoking the lunar deity and a ceremony.
All Moon circles are a donation,    unless specified otherwise

More dates to be added soon.

Past Moon Circles

Full Moon Yule Ritual

June 10th  5 pm gather , 6:30 ritual

The wheel of the year has turned once more,
and the nights have grown longer and colder.
Tonight, the darkness begins to retreat,
and light begins its return once again.
As the wheel continues to spin,
the sun returns to us once more.

let us get together as the sun sets and begins the longest night. As the moon rises we will gather its power, and with ritual and movement cast a spell to send light, peace and harmony out to the world.

This will be an an outside location revealed after a donation has been made to secure your place. As it will be in a public place, in the northern beaches area.

Eventbrite to secure your place


I have chose this specific location because of its amazing views.

We can begin gathering at sunset, watch the sunset and have a picnic and a visit. the Ritual will start at 6:30 when the moon is risen. Come anytime you like, but if you are to parciticpate in the ritual it will be 6:30. if you come for 5pm please bring a plate to share.

(It is not technically the night of Yule, the solstice and the longest night but it is the night of the full moon)


Samhain Full Moon  Ritual

7:00pm – ?

Its Samhain this month, the time when the veil is this thinnist

Join Gaia of the Dark Moon in Balgowlah for a full moon circle.

* Learn to work with your ancestors

* set up an ancestor altar

* full moon meditation

* Dumb supper

* Divination


Please bring a plate to share at the dumb supper,  and a photo or belonging of your ancestor/loved one who has passed on,   you would like to honour.

$35.00 on the night,  or a discount if you sign up through eventbrite




February 11, 2017:

A Lammas Full Moon Ritual

The Wheel of the year turn s to Lammas. The start of the harvest season.  The God known as the Green Man has ruled over the earth since Beltane and it is now time for him to sacrifice himself and go back to the earth .

This month we will do some spell crafting!


January 21, 2017:

Full Moon Labyrinth Walk

The Full Moon Labyrinth Walk is a walk that is both introspective and spiritually uplifting. We are drawn together for this walking meditation that not only solves problems, but also clears the mind, calms the soul, mends the heart and heals the body

December 14 , 2016 :

Fire Purification and Protection Ritual

on Midsummer’s Full Moon

This Full moon that heralds in Litha the midsummer fire festival, and a good time to purify yourself with fire. Create a protection amulet to carry with you or keep close by throughout the year.