Painting the Universe

Intuitive Art class
Saturday 7/4
11:00  – 1:00
$35 all inclusive materials and light refreshments

This will be a class involving art, meditation, and discussion.
No previous experience in art, science or spirituality is required.

The Universe is Divine Spirit.  It’s language is math. It’s humor is irony. It’s currency is karma. It can communicate with us through chance or physics. It creates things of awe inspiring beauty from chaos and our existence implies it’s existence. It is what I most revere.

The Holographic principle and fractals  are a statement of how infinity can be and how omni-complex things might be formed out of seemingly simple patterns/algorithms.

The Holographic Universe,   the Holographic principle,  the quantum theory that we are all holograms living in a holographic universe.  what does it mean?    Learn about this theory as it was first  constructed by Einstein,  and then later in 1993  when Gerard’t Hooft  solidified the theory.

You will create a lovely piece of artwork that will come from your soul as you learn about the quantum   theory of  the universe.

No Prior Art Experience or holographic  theory experience necessary .  This is a spray painting class ,  so be prepared.