Psychic Protection Workshop

Capricorn 6th & 10th
7- 11 Allan St
Waterloo, NSW 

Saturday November 10th,  1pm -3:00 

Life is full of stress, toxicity, and stimulation. Are you easily affected by the energy of the people in your environment? Do you feel like you are a psychic sponge who, for better or worse, absorbs the emotions, moods and feelings of others around you?

Learn how to protect your energy and detoxify from outside influences with Gaia of Dark Moon Healing Art.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore crystals, plants and meditation techniques to help you feel empowered to protect yourself in the crazy world. Everyone will create and take home a protection bottle with stones and herbs,

You will Learn a practical set of techniques which develop the abilities of participants to protect themselves and their homes from harmful psychic energy. Methods of reading subtle energy, removal of negative energies, developing psychic shields, protecting a home or work environment, and dealing with psychic attacks is addressed in detail..