Soul Collage tickets


The Mediation Space
11 Patrick St
Campbelltown, NSW


Come Join Intuitive Psychic Donna Girard as she guides you on how to develop your own set of divinational cards, The more energy you place into something the much stronger the message. Using materials that will be supplied for you, develope your own intuitive cards. Donna willl educate and instruct you on this Magical Experience, Seating is limited

Through Art, magick and intuition, you will come away with a very personalised set of cards that will help guide you on your journey.

Donna is an artist, intuitive and eclectic professional witch visting from Salem, Massachusetts. her shop, Dark Moon Healing Art – Salem, is the USA counterpart of the Sydney location. She lives and works in-sync with the cycles of nature and the animals. Together they have a healthy relationship based on respect.

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