Ogham Staves Workshop

Create your Own Ogham Staves Workshop

January 21, 2017   4-6pm

Cost $40

Ogham Staves are wooden tools with symbols (ogham) on them that correspond with trees, the Celts and Druids use them for divination and so can you

A fun afternoon consisting of creating your own personal staves, and a class on how divination. no prior experience necessary.

The Ogham alphabet consists of twenty letters to which a further five were added at a late stage in its development, probably later than the 8th century. The original twenty letters each consist of from one to five straight lines or notches intersecting a stem line. There is clear evidence for the magickal and divinatory use of the Ogham alphabet from the literature of medieval Ireland. Historically the symbols were used for divination by the use of four Yew wands, although more recently, the ogham alphabet has been used for divination by inscribing it onto small wooden staves or onto discs of wood. One symbol is added to each piece and they are used in a similar way to the runes.

They are often stored in a bag and a person will randomly pick out a certain number of the ogham sticks or discs whilst focussing on an issue or question. Ogham symbols can also be used to magickally empower an object or spell, for example they can be added to talismans to draw particular energies to the carrier or engraved onto candles prior to spellworking.