TAlismans & Mojos

Chicken Feet Charms

These charms are created with the intent to protect yourself your things, your safety. Created with semiprecious stone beads, protective herbs mini spell bottles, intent and ritual

Custom made, please have look at the styles and let me know which one suits or message me with the style of chicken foot you are looking for

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Custom made hoodoo bag

The mojo bag is mad as a spell bag to bring in your intent, once completed is a portable spirit house . The mojo is made with the appropriate cloth, various oils, select roots, herbs, seeds, shells, powders, dirts, and other items appropriate to the function it is designed to fulfill.

During this process the various components of the mojo are informed, blessed and ritual created in order to awaken align it to you and you and its purpose. I will also add magical seals and name papers when appropriate to further set the mojo to working for you in the manner desired.