Celtic Moon Tree Calender

Celtic Tree Moon Calendar


The  Celtic Tree Calendar is an Intuitive Art Class based on the Trees and correspondences of the 28 day Moon Cycle.  The Moon is perhaps humankind’s oldest form of marking time.  According to scholars, the Celts used a Lunar Calendar that consisted of 13 months.   Each month of the Celtic Lunar calendar bears the name of a tree, which also stands for one of the consonants in the Celtic tree alphabet called Oghams.  You will learn the meanings of the Tree and the Season and create an intuitive piece of Art.   All supplies are included in class fee.

What you will learn:
Artistic techniques such as composition, negative space, colour wheel, and perspective.

Rune Divination, about the Ogham and the old ways of the ancients

Creativity is a necessary component to opening the third eye more fully. Art is a way to enhance the mind to see beyond what is evident, into the unknown. You will exercise your brain as well as the spiritual component of the third eye.

We will use intuitive techniques to create an artwork that speaks to you about this tree, season and time in your life. We will learn to see negative space, and colour blending. You will bring home something very personal you will be proud to hang on your wall.

December 27, 2016 7-9:30 pm
Held in Salem, NH