Witchcraft & Hoodoo

A complete hands on training in Witchcraft, Hoodoo and American Folk magick,   10 classes
Second Saturday of each month
First class
May 9th

The bottom of the Blue Mountains, only 10 min from Penrith
Address given at the time of registration
$45 per class

PLEASE NOTE:     we cannot have more than 10 people in this class. And, I do need a minimum in order to run the class.
In addition to being in the live course you will be added to a facebook group that will include practitioners from all previous classes and you will continue to have access to Trinity and Gaia through this group as long as it is functional.

About the Course: This course will mix both Witchcraft and American folk magick. We will discuss the differences, history, and to create your own practice.

Hoodoo is a traditional American folk magick. When people were taken from their homes in Africa and brought to the United States as slaves, they brought with them their indigenous magical practices and melted them with a variety of immigrant cultures. Since then Hoodoo has evolved and grown.

Hoodoo is not a religion, it is not Voodoo, nor is it Black Magick. Hoodoo is  about empowering yourself.  Being responsible for your own actions, and making positive change in your life.

In this course you will learn Witchcraft, mixed with Hoodoo , traditions, concepts, how to’s and whys.  This is a hands on course where you will make your own oils, mojo hands, and spells. At the completion you will be able to create your own hoodoo spells and rituals. You will be able to weave hoodoo practices within your own spiritual practice.

This will be an empowering magical practice through connecting with the magical energy of the earth through plants, animals, oils, tinctures and more. Each class you will make something because when you create you strengthen your magic

PLEASE NOTE: while this is a 10 class course, when travel opens from Australia we will pause so that I may see my grandchildren in the USA. we will come to a mutually agreed upon time to resume.

Tickets $45 per class